Temptation you
just can’t resist

Antipasti & Delikatessen

Our Story

It all began with a love of fine food, an uncompromising approach to standards, and a dissatisfaction with the quality of antipasti and appetizers available at the time. All of these prompted Andreas Dutka to establish his own company in 2007, producing his own antipasti and appetizers under the name AD Delikatessen.  

He had gained experience during internships at luxury restaurants in Germany and Canada and began creating his own products. Before long, his thriving project had become the success story of a high-end delicatessen. Less than 10 years have passed since Andreas went from producing several kilograms of food items per day to large-scale production, with a capacity of several tonnes per day.


The company took its first business steps under the name AD Delikatessen in Germany, where it focused on creating products for Edeka, Rewe Group, Kaufland, and other international chains.
The original intention of establishing a renowned delicatessen offering premium-quality fare developed into a small project and then a company doing business internationally.

In 2020, German-based AD Delikatessen decided to team up with a strategic investor, HOPI HOLDING a.s., which became the majority shareholder. The partnership ushered in a new era, as the AD FINE DINE brand was born. An investment of more than CZK 25 million led to a construction of a new plant, another milestone in the company’s development.

“Temptation you just can’t resist” is our motto, which is reflected in every step that we take.

We believe in quality without compromising on basic raw materials and the highest quality ingredients available. Naturally, at AD FINE DINE, we pay great attention to transparency and traceability of the place and country of origin of our raw materials. The harvesting methods and the working conditions of those in the fields and plantations also matter to us.


Product range


We offer:
  • 4-day working week (10-hour shifts), 3 days off
  • Basic fixed salary of CZK 20,000 + variable component of CZK 8,000 (based on an internal qualification system)
  • Initial training under the supervision of experienced colleagues, with the option of career growth
What the job entails:
  • Manual work involving handling and preparing food
  • Operating filling machines and production lines
  • We will entrust you with monitoring adherence to work and technological processes.
We require::
  • Food hygiene certificate
We are looking for:
  • The ideal candidate should be highly motivated and have excellent communication skills.
  • Independence, responsibility, an active approach to work and flexibility are important.
  • Manual dexterity and a thorough and conscientious approach are also a must.
  • A desire to learn new things is more important than previous experience.
  • As in any job, common sense is a basic prerequisite for success.
Where you will be working:
  • Klášterec nad Ohří – Miřetice u Klášterce nad Ohří, Pražská 673


Invoicing address

FineDine s.r.o.
Pražská 673
431 51 Klášterec nad Ohří
Czech Republic

Company registration number: 08775486